a bit about me

now that i’ve set up my blog, i guess you want to know more about me, right? fair enough.

  • my name is jessica.
  • i’m 27 — almost 28.
  • sometimes i type in lowercase because i’m lazy.
  • i love the youtube beauty community and am obsessed with watching videos to learn about the latest makeup, hair products and more. i’ve learned a lot in the year or so that i’ve been watching beauty gurus, and i’ve also spent a lot!

so what qualifies me to blog about health/beauty? nothing, really. i have no formal schooling or training, like lots of beauty bloggers and YT gurus. but, i am an average woman who’s on the eternal quest to find products that work for me. and i think there are lots of people like me out there on the internet, looking for information from someone who’s on the same level as them.

sure, i can talk about pigmentation and texture of a product. but i can also tell you whether it’s worth shelling out big bucks at sephora or MAC for a product you can easily dupe with a drugstore alternative. and, i can share how i use coupons, sales and smart shopping to get the best deals.

i’m not sure i can offer much in the way of tutorials, just because i’m not sure i’m applying anything correctly or that i’m confident enough in what i’m doing to explain it to you. but, i can tell you if a look or product is practical for everyday, or if it’s something best left to the true guru.

so, there you have it. i’m just an average girl with an above average love for makeup, trying new products and saving money, all at the same time. if you’re like me, follow along!


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